Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Episode XX - All In The Family

Today, on a very special episode of the Grave Plot Podcast...

Okay, so it's not really that special, unless you count the fact that it's our twentieth episode! Plus, we announce the winner of the first ever Remake Madness tournament! So I guess it is pretty damn special!

Our two movie reviews this episode are about family, as demented as they may sometimes be. Up first we have Torment, about a family who attacks another family after the first family moves into the other family's home. Got that? The second selection features the long-awaited Michael vs. Jason matchup. Except, it's not Michael vs. Jason. While Tyler Mane does play a character named Michael, it's not the one from Haddonfield. And Derek Mears plays William, not Jason. Regardless, those two take the screen together for the first time in the film Compound Fracture.

Before we can get to that, though, we've got some Horror Business to take care of. We start off by catching you up on the Slender Man stabbings. We make the transition into the world of fiction gradually, introducing Through the Wormhole as it examines whether or not a zombie apocalypse could realistically happen. Speaking of zombies, we tell you the latest details about the new movie from Rob Zombie, 31. We then discuss the new trend in horror cinema, the re-remake, with The Omen being the latest victim. In the world of original remakes (is that a thing?), Japanese thriller Audition is getting adapted for American audiences. So that should be interesting. Or not.

Up next we dive into the world of home video, discussing the straight-to-video release of See No Evil 2 as well as the new anthology box set of The Exorcist series and the special edition release of Night Breed. We also discuss the new season of the Netflix original series Hemlock Grove. We finish it off by breaking down the trailer for Dracula Untold and tell you when you can expect to see Insidious: Chapter 3 hit theaters.

On top of all that, we also had the privilege of speaking to writer/director/actress Jessica Cameron. Jessica tells us how she got started in the business, how she came to start directing, the story behind Truth or Dare, updates on her new movie Save Yourself, and tales of hot tub trespassing. It was a very fun interview so we hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording.  So enjoy our twentieth episode with the ones you love. Stay thirsty, my friends.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Remake Madness Finals

The long, hard road has led us here. We started with 32 and we are now down to only two. We have reached the finals of the Remake Madness tournament!

The lone survivors are 2009's Friday the 13th and 2013's Evil Dead. It's up to you to now determine who the best horror remake is. Will you vote for Jason Voorhess or the possessed Mia in the cellar? Machete or boxcutter? Cabin in the woods or... cabin in the woods?

So make sure to vote and find out the winner during our 20th episode spectacular!

Episode 19 - Sign of the Cross

For a while it seemed like episode 19 would go down as "The Lost Episode." We first recorded it the day after a double header Drunken Cinema (HUGE mistake) and, despite the massive hangovers, it turned out pretty well. However, through no fault of our own, the audio was corrupted and irreparable. We recorded again on Wednesday and somehow, the file was again corrupted. This time, however, Tony was able to repair the file, 6 seconds at a time, and the episode was saved. So here we go.

We jump into the latest Horror Business, including real-world news concerning the discovery of a tomb believed to belong to Vlad Dracul, the "real" Dracula. In the world of fiction, we catch you up on the Americanized version of the French drama The Returned, plus updates on the future of The Walking Dead. Moving from the small screen to the big screen, we talk about Pacific Rim 2, Leprechaun: Origins, Harbinger Down, Insidious: Chapter 3, Ghostbusters 3, This Isn't A Movie (yes, it is), Paranormal Activity 5, Friday the 13th, and a film adaptation of the popular video game Dead Rising. Speaking of video games, we tell you about the upcoming sequel to Dead Island, appropriately titled Dead Island 2. We also tell you about some cool new horror figures coming from NECA and tell you how you can see Freddy Krueger in the burnt flesh one last time.

We also got a chance to chat with Hank and Wayne Thompson (no relation) of Eze As Pi Productions about their new project, a zombie movie through the eyes of children, called Too Young To Die. Think Lord of the Flies meets Land of the Dead. It sounds like it could be a fresh take on the zombie genre, which would be refreshing. Check it out at

We also have two new movie reviews. The first is the latest from writer/director Ti West, The Sacrament. This movie is about a cult and, surprisingly, things go awry. The other is John Carpenter's 1998 vampire film, Vampires. Get it? James Woods plays a vampire hunter who must take down the master vampire before he turns into an invincible vampire who vampires vampire vampire. Wait... what?

This episode took a lot of work to make. Enjoy the show.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Drunken Cinema, Vol. 3: Evil Dead 2

Two men enter. Two men leave. Several bottles of booze are left in their wake.

Drunken Cinema is back with a vengeance. This time around we're watching the 1987 classic from Sam Raimi and starring the incomparable Bruce Campbell, Evil Dead 2. If you're thinking to yourself that you missed part 1, don't fret. We didn't do it. If you're asking why not, just... deal with it. Okay? Could you just... okay?

Much whiskey and rum was imbibed and much bullshitting was done, as has become the norm. This episode includes sing-alongs and other fun stuff, too. Okay... full disclosure... I don't really remember what else happened. We got a little silly this time. And here's the kicker; this was part of a double header (prepare for part 2 at some point in the future).

Of course, it wouldn't be Drunken Cinema without a relevant cocktail. This time around your drink is the Chainsaw.
1 1/2 oz chilled tequila
5 - 10 dashes Tabasco sauce
1 splash lime juice
1 splash lemon-lime mix
1 pinch black peppers 
Pour chilled tequilla, Tabasco, Roses, and lemon-lime mix into a cocktail mixer with ice. Shake briefly. Fill a (chilled) shot glass, garnish with black pepper, and serve.
So watch along with us and listen to our incoherent babbling. I'm going to go have a listen too just to see how much of an ass I made out of myself. Cheers.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Remake Madness - the Frightening 4

It's here! The Final Four, aka the "Frightening Four!"

After three rounds, we have come to this. The champion of the From Beyond the Grave conference, Evil Dead, will take on the winner of the Misfits conference, The Amityville Horror, who upended the number one seed The Wolfman. In the other matchup, Blood and Guts conference champion Friday the 13th takes on the winner of the People Are Strange conference, The Crazies.

We're almost there, so keep voting! You can decide which two make it to the finals so vote... or die!