Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Grave Plot Podcast appears on the K&S Show

SkeleTony and Taylor of Terror were guest stars on the K&S Show recently. They talked It Follows, Batman, SpaceX, stealing bicycles, and blowing up condom machines. So listen below and check out the K&S Show, as well as the rest of the Schredcast Network, on SoundCloud.

Episode 54 - The Boy/The Boy/Cody Meirick

Good morning. Please keep it down as Tony is quite hungover today. But he's downed an entire bottle of Pedialyte and he's ready to power through.

We kick things off with Horror Business and a real world story about possessed dolls. We then discuss the Friday the 13th reboot that almost was, the latest Manson Family film from a pair of American Psychos, and a gross, terrible, disgusting idea for a TV adaptation of a classic film. We also discuss Salem's new guest star, the latest horror streaming on your computer, and new video games and comics.

We move on to talk to Cody Meirick, the producer and director of the upcoming Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark documentary. Cody gabs about his love for the books, what inspired him to make a documentary based on them, and what Guillermo Del Toro might think of it. The film is currently crowd funding and you can help get it made by donating at their Indiegogo page.

For our reviews, we talk two different movies, both titled The Boy. Up first is the 2015 SpectreVision film about a sociopathic boy with a penchant for death. Second is the brand new film starring Lauren Cohen as a nanny who takes care of a doll with the spirit of a child. Which boy will reign supreme? Listen and find out now.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Episode 53 - Goodnight Mommy/Djinn

Hello Grave Diggers! We're back once again for a brand new, action-packed episode of the Grave Plot Podcast.

We've got a full slate of Horror Business, starting off with the loss of a legend. We also discuss a couple classics being remade, one for television and one for the big screen, and a couple book adaptations. We also discuss Walmart's censorship, the return of a beloved video game franchise, and the mystery of 10 Cloverfield Lane. In Remains, we discuss the latest on Rob Zombie, the Cabin Fever remake, and the return of a horror telenovela.

In our reviews, we've got a couple of subtitled horrors. Up first is the Tobe Hooper directed Arab demon film Djinn, followed by the German creepfest Goodnight Mommy. We then play Plot Holes and then the show is over. So... bye!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Episode 52 - Grave Plot Awards/Some Kind of Hate/Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Hello and happy new year!

We kick off this episode with the first ever Grave Plot Awards. We voted, you voted, and now we reward the best in horror movies and TV for 2015.

In Horror Business, we have real world horror stories based on The Shining and Hellraiser. We also have updates on Rob Zombie's 31 and a new Swamp Thing comic, plus new projects from David Fincher and James Franco.

We also reviewed two movies, namely the supernatural slasher Some Kind of Hate and the horror comedy zombie flick Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. So dig in and enjoy.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Episode 51 - Krampus/All Through the House/Max Zaleski/Todd Nunes

Merry Christmas, bitches! It's time once again to unwrap another brand new episode of The Grave Plot Podcast and our favorite bearded man is in the house. No, not Santa Claus, it's Wrestling With Subtitles' Max Zaleski!

Under that dead corpse of a Douglas fir you have in your living room you'll find a big ol' box of Horror Business, including a real world horror story about millions of spiders coming home for the holidays. We also discuss a new horror movie streaming service, a new take on an old classic, some book adaptations coming to the small screen, and an exciting upcoming sequel.

We have another special guest as well, as we got a chance to talk to Todd Nunes, the writer and director of the indie yuletide slasher All Through the House. Todd gives us a history of his interest in film and horror, including a "Friday the 13th" play. He also tells us all about the production of All Through the House, which, by the way, we reviewed! Hear all our thoughts on that film as well as the latest from Trick 'r Treat director Michael Dougherty, Krampus. He conquered Halloween and now looks to do the same with Christmas.

So let's do this. Enjoy the latest episode of The Grave Plot Podcast and happy holidays!

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