Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Episode 26 - GGMF (2014 Thanksgiving Special)

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Welcome to the 2014 Grave Plot Podcast Thanksgiving special.

Following last year's mini special review of ThanksKilling, we review the sequel, ThanksKilling 3. Turkie is back on a new rampage with new puppets, powdered wigs, and the Pluck Master 3000. We also reviewed Home Sweet Home, a 1981 slasher film about Body By Jake escaping from a mental institution and runs roughshod through a rag-tag group's Thanksgiving celebration.

For our turkey day edition of Horror Business, we tackle the latest on the TV adaptation of Evil Dead. Speaking of Evil Dead, the team behind the remake has a new project called A Man in the Dark. In the latest edition of "They're Remaking That? Really?" we discuss The Wolfman being remade yet again, only four years after the last time. This leads into a conversation about the entire Universal monster reboot scenario and why it's doomed to fail.

We then move on to a trio of sequels, including Hocus Pocus 2, The Conjuring 2, and Insidious: Chapter 3. We also discuss the world of video games, namely a movie that dives into the Splatterhouse universe (, as well as the new slasher PC game Last Year ( We go on to discuss Eric England's Get The Girl, USA's "Evil Men," and Stephen King's The Talisman. We even make a call to our resident Stephen King expert, SkeleJohn. Speaking of Stephen King, we have an update on The Stand adaptation.

We also have updates on Crooked Lake, From Hell, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and Krampus. We also tell you about a new Christmas-themed haunted house as well as the new horror game show from Tommy - er, Jason - Blum.

We had some technical difficulties towards the end of the episode, we hope that doesn't take away from your enjoyment. So get stuffed from the Grave Plot Podcast.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Drunken Cinema, Vol. 5: Club Dread

We've made a huge mistake.

For the first (and last) time ever, we decided to do a Drunken Cinema double-header. Here's how I remember it going down; we had just finished our Evil Dead 2 Drunken Cinema. As I was walking to the bathroom, Tony said "shit, it's only 10:30." I responded with "Fuck it, let's do another one!" Tony agreed, and... that's about it.
While I'm sure it was fun at the time, the next day was hell on Earth.

The latest installment of Drunken Cinema is the Broken Lizard horror-comedy Club Dread. The latest cocktail of choice is Coconut Pete's Margarita. Can you guess the secret ingredient?
2 ounces coconut puree, thawed
2 ounces anejo tequila
1 ounce lime juice
1/2 ounce triple sec
Dash of simple syrup
Crushed ice
Lime slice, for garnish
Combine the coconut puree, tequila, lime juice, triple sec and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker with crushed ice. Shake for 10 seconds. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a lime slice.
So listen along and enjoy, because we suffered for this. Cheers!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Episode 25 - Horny Devils

October is over and it's time to get back to our regularly scheduled program.

Today's episode features a pair of reviews with demonic undertones. First, there is the hellish musical The Devil's Carnival, from Darren Bousman, the man behind Saw II and Repo! The Genetic Opera. This is followed by the movie Horns, about a man who awakes to find mysterious horns growing out of his head and he must discover the truth in order to get rid of them.

Of course, before all that, we must take care of Horror Business. In our real-world horror stories, we discuss a North Carolina satanist who killed his neighbors in a sadistic ritual. It sounds like a movie, but it's all too true. So, too, is the story out of India of a man who tortured his daughter's rapist. Hot tongs, y'all... hot tongs.

In the world of fiction, we continue with our "They're Remaking That? Really?" segment with Nosferatu (Kickstarter campaign). Speaking of remakes, we also discuss The Crow and Hellraiser. We also discuss the new directors for the spin off of The Walking Dead, Leatherface, and Outcast, which also found its lead actor. Speaking of TV shows, we discuss what main character could be missing from the Scream television series, and what actors will be joining American Horror Story.

We go on to discuss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity featuring Jason Voorhees, Speaking of slashers, we tell you about the new slasher video game "Summer Camp." We close with release dates for The Mummy, Zombeavers, Lazarus, and Digging Up the Marrow. So listen up and enjoy!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Octoberama, Vol. 5: 2014 Halloween Special

Hello everyone and Happy Halloween! Welcome to the second annual Grave Plot Podcast Halloween Special!

Taylor of Terror takes over lead hosting duties this time around, with SkeleTony off gallivanting around on the east coast with his new wife. In Tony's place, however, is the newly dubbed "Carlos Muertos," aka Carlos Rodela from the Video Game Break podcast.

Taylor and Carlos start things off with a bit of Halloween Horror Business, including a real-life story ripped right off the screen, with the story of Barrett Township in Pennsylvania cancelling Halloween because of a killer on the loose. The boys also discuss fictional killers such as Michael Myers, whose new film (tentatively titled) Halloween 3 has received a new script. Rob Zombie is not involved, will it be better or worse? We'll see. Speaking of sequels, the 20-year-old Ice Cream Man is looking to continue its story, and they need your help. We also continue the new tradition known as "They're Remaking That? Really?" with a discussion on what Eli Roth movie is being retold.

Speaking of Eli Roth, we also discuss the new TV show that Roth is producing, as well as directing the pilot for, "South of Hell." While we're on the subject of TV, we discuss "The Walking Dead" and "American Horror Story" and how those two worlds may be colliding. We close out Horror Business with a couple zombie stories, including a new movie from George Romero (but not the one you think), as well as more casting updates for Dead Rising: Watchtower.

For our reviews, we went a little different this time. Instead of doing movies, we decided to review haunted attractions. Carlos tells us about the scariest, as well as the funniest, haunts he's ever been to, and Taylor regales stories from his time working at the King County Scaregrounds. Tony even calls in with some haunt reviews from the east coast. We close out with prerecorded reviews from Tony and Taylor, reviewing the Haunted Nightmare at the Nile, as well as the Georgetown Morgue.

So light your jack-o-lantern, cuddle up under your blanket fort and prepare for the 2014 Grave Plot Podcast Halloween Special!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Octoberama, Vol. 4: Week of the Monster

We wrap up our weekly theme shows with the fourth week of Octoberama, the week of the monster.

We cut out the Horror Business again and go straight to the reviews. This episode features a couple of films with inhuman beasts, namely Feast and the 1994 adaptation of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein.

This one is a personal favorite of ours so make sure you do yourself a favor and have a listen.

Don't forget, next week is our Halloween special and you're not going to want to miss that! So enjoy week of the monster and we will see you in a week!